At Crowngate Shopping Centre we have a corporate responsibility and we are committed to managing the impact of our business activities in order to safe guard the environment in which we and our families live and work.


    • To work towards achieving a higher standard of environmental management in the way we carry out all aspects of our business.
    • To meet both the spirit and the letter of environmental laws and regulations – monitoring our performance and developing new standards and practices where appropriate.
    • To keep all parties informed of targets and objectives and are encouraged to make their own contribution.
    • To work proactively with our tenants in order that they may be compliant with current legislation consulting with them to develop best practice. Communicating key news through the newsletter and web site.
    • To ensure that all contractors and suppliers demonstrate a commitment to the management of environmental risks.
    • To actively monitor and audit energy and resource use at regular intervals and investigate any fluctuations over 15%.
    • To identify and determine trends, and work towards improving energy efficiency and the impact upon natural resources.
    • To actively monitor and encourage segregation of waste generated on site.
    • To consider and assess the environmental journey of a product and or service as part of the procurement process.
    • To maintain market awareness in regard to all environmental issues such as recycling, green energy and the Carbon Reduction Commitment.
    • To communicate and consult with stakeholders, thus ensuring our shared moral and statutory duty is met.
    • To work with the local community and groups to integrate environmental and social responsibilities.
    • To review our objectives and policies on a regular basis.
    • This policy recognises a long-term commitment to update Crowngate practices and procedures in light of a growing understanding of environmental issues.

Centre Manager

CrownGate’s Waste Management statement