Celebrating 25 Years

2017 marks 25 years of great shopping, working and eating at Crowngate in Worcester.

To celebrate 25 years of Crowngate, we are building a live timeline, featuring the real people and personalities (THAT’S YOU!) that make shopping and working at Crowngate so great.

We are looking for examples of the following:

  • Memories of Crowngate being built
  • Your favourite shop/ member of staff and why
  • What you love about shopping at Crowngate
  • Your photographs of Crowngate, our shops, members of staff or you enjoying a shopping trip here. We can accept digital copies or we will lovingly borrow your printed photographs, scan them and return them to you.

Share your memories, stories and photographs with us here

Alternatively, you can share your photos, stories and memories in the following ways: