BID Parking Offer


The cheapest all day city centre parking in Worcester…..7 days per week

Getting Started…

  • Fill in the BID card Application Form
  • Bring your completed form and £3 cash to CrownGate Central Management Office (along the corridor next to Mothercare), to set up your BID card.
  • Put your CG sticker in your car window (issued with your BID card).
  • On the 1st day of use, enter the car park using your BID card.
  • Exit the car park using the BID card.
  • Thereafter, use the BID card on Entry AND Exit (this will deduct the £3.00 fee).
  • At both entry and exit, your ticket will be returned to you by the machine – don’t forget to collect it!

Parking …

  • You MUST park on level 5 or above; Mon-Sat before 5pm
  • Parking is monitored and failure to park on allocated levels will result in the card being revoked.
  • You can leave the car park as many times as you wish during the day.

Looking after your card…

  • Try to keep your BID card away from anything magnetic and direct sunlight.
  • There is a charge of £5 to replace lost or damaged BID cards.
  • Your card is registered to you as an individual and your car registration.

Topping Up…

  • Top up sufficiently to enable you to exit the car park without problems. If you forget to, you won’t be able to exit without returning to the Pay on Foot machines and top up your BID card.
  • Top up by card or cash at the Pay on Foot machines.
  • Minimum top up is £3.

For those interested in a BID card, please contact Marilyn Lees for further details, or call 01905 610065.

We aim to process BID cards within 48 hours of receiving the completed form.


Have any of your details changed; Car make or model, email, phone number? You need to let us know!

BID Card – Update Information

BID Card Terms of Use

The following terms of use (“Terms of Use”) together with Crowngate Shopping Centre (“CrownGate”) general terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) (which can be found at apply to ‘BID Card usage’ (“BID card”).

– Please note that dependent upon demand, we may need to restrict the number of BID cards.
– The BID card reduced parking fee offer is subject to review.
– All BID card users are required to park on Level 5 or above of the car park; Mon-Sat before 5pm. Anyone found to be parking on lower levels will result in their BID card being revoked.
– A £3 charge is applied for parking for a 24 hour period. Parking beyond 24 hours will incur an additional £3 charge.
– The BID card can not be used in conjunction with any other parking offers, including overnight and Sunday parking.
– Any changes will be advised of via email – please ensure we have your email details.
– If your BID card is not used for 3 months the card will automatically be cancelled.
– All activity from all BID cards is logged on the database held by CrownGate.
– Crowngate reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any point, or cancel a BID card without prior notification to BID card holders.
– Anyone who has a BID card (“BID card user”) will be deemed to have understood these Terms of Use along with the Terms and Conditions and will be bound by them.  The Terms and Conditions are available on request from Crowngate Shopping Centre.

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