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  • Gerry Weber

    Gerry Weber


    The strong fashion brands GERRY WEBER, GERRY WEBER EDITION, GERRY WEBER ACCESSORIES and G.W. inspire women worldwide and are synonymous with a lively lifestyle – exciting, modern and irresistibly feminine.

    GERRY WEBER is a dynamic lifestyle brand – exciting, contemporary, high-quality and irresistibly feminine! Worldwide, GERRY WEBER provides top-level fashion and a certain attitude to life; with a clear picture of its customers, GERRY WEBER opens up new possibilities without losing its unique style, always modern and sophisticated.

    GERRY WEBER EDITION is a fresh and trendy lifestyle brand – casual, individual and stylish. Separates full of character form a high-quality collection with clever details and a modern and sporty look.

    G.W. is the youngest and most trendy collection from GERRY WEBER and offers up-to-date fashion items which are supplied at short intervals – always trendy and modern!

    Endless styling variations and perfect colour matching create a self-confident and casual look.

    GERRY WEBER represents a lifestyle which implements trends with style-confidence, a true master of the detail who always creates looks which are fascinatingly presented and emphasise the personality.

    Our team is happy to show you the latest trends! Find us in Chapel Walk at Crowngate Shopping Centre.

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